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SPC Stitch Programming Centre
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Digtizing /Punching

Stitch Programming Centre provides specialized custom digitizing for all embroidery machines. We have been digitizing for the embroidery industry since 1992 and use software that is preferred by professional digitizers the world over. 

Our professional artists will adapt your design for embroidery purposes to ensure that you get a perfect result everytime All our staff are very well trained and have years of experience in the embroidery industry 

We can digitize any design for any garment or product. However the more details we have, the better the design. Please tell us on what type of fabric you want to embroider the design, because different fabrics need different applications.
We know that time on the machine is of an essence; therefore the speed of your production is our priority.We take that into consideration when we plan your digitized design!!

Please e-mail us at with your design or fax it to +27 11 4778106  We are always open to new ideas. 

Purchase of Stitch Programming Centre designs acknowledges your acceptance of the following terms:
Stitch Programming Centre holds the copyright to this and each of its designs. It is against Copyright Law to copy or share these designs.
Purchaser is granted a non-exclusive license to produce and distribute sewn product with this design. License does not give purchaser the right to sell, trade, loan, share or transfer copies, altered or original, to anyone without the express written permission of Stitch Programming Centre.



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